What operating system do you PREFER?

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I voted for XP

OK, I voted for Windows XP because it's not cool or flashy, it just lets me do what I want to do, without hassles.

I tried Vista, and think the cool "candy" doesn't begin to make up for the horrible stuff that makes it unusable.

OS X on a Macintosh is pretty nice in some ways, but I don't need flashing, moving stuff all the time and I like open market products.

Linux is fabulous for some things, but unbelievably difficult for others. Partly this is because Linux tools and features have silly names that don't mean anything. Also, the several different Linux versions are confusing because they do things in different ways. Novell Suse Linux is harder to use than I expected, while Ubuntu is impressive if not quite there.

So for now, I'm sticking with Windows XP, at least until Microsoft makes it impossible, but also I expect to find a Linux version that is friendly to use.

I voted for XP

I voted for XP because I find this operating system do not required higher of expensive hardware. The speed is enough for me to finish a day work.

Dell NL
I voted for Vista

I voted for Windows XP because it's cool and it lets me do what I want to do.

I vote for XP since the word

I vote for XP since the word itself stands for "eXPerience"!.XP is more stable and reliable than Vista...In Vista v cannot install certain softwares where they ask 4 some permission issues and it is unstable...In my opinion, i want to say out of 10 people,5 would be using XP, 2 would be using Windows 2000 n only 3 would be using Vista..Still XP got the upperhand over Vista..May be it will take some time 4 Vista to become stable....!

foolonthe hill
I voted for XP only because I

I voted for XP only because I didn't have the option to vote for Win2000. Re-installed Vista a couple of times for my Brother, sad,sad OS, Win7 is nothing more than Vista sp3. Ubuntu is almost there! maybe soon!

computer support
I voted for XP

XP is simply the best.... the ability it has is enough for me to finish my work and also to enjoy some entertainment... it's cheap, and does not require a high specification...